Hekiganroku, Case 6: Unmon’s “Good Day”

Teisho presented by Arno Hess on 18/10/2022 at the second day of the 2022 Pathway Zen Sesshin at Bodhi Chan Meditation Centre, Springwood, QLD, Australia.


Unmon, giving instruction, said, “I don’t ask you about before the fifteenth day; bring me a
phrase about after the fifteenth day.” Unmon himself answered in the monks’ stead, “Every day is a
good day.”


You throw away one, you take up seven.
Above and below, in all four directions, you are peerless.
Slowly you wade in a brook, extinguishing the sound of the running water;
Freely you watch a flying bird, sketching the track of its flight.
The grass is overgrown, the mists overhang.
Subhuti sits in the rocky cave, and lo, a shower of blossoms!
I snap my fingers: How lamentable is Shunyata!
Don’t panic! If you panic, thirty blows!

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