Foundations of Zen Buddhism: Introductory lectures by Arno Hess

Lecture 1     Who am I? Personal development, therapeutic and transpersonal contexts in meditation and Zen.  Play
Lecture 2     The Three Aims of Zen: A roadmap to breaking the barrier of dualism. Play
Lecture 3     Ethics, Concentration and Wisdom in Zen Practice: Embodiment methods of the Eightfold Path elements. Play
Lecture 4     Incorporating Zen practice in daily life: Practical applications. Play
Lecture 5     The role of secular sangha and teacher-student engagement in Zen: Koans as wisdom practice. Play

Teishos by Arno Hess

24/01/2024 Mumokan, Case 30: Mind itself, Buddha itself (Audio) Play
28/10/2023 Hekiganroku, Case 51: Seppô’s “What Is This?” (Audio) Play
28/10/2023 Hekiganroku, Case 57: Jôshû and the “Bumpkin” (Audio) Play
23/10/2023 Mumonkan, Case 1: Jôshû’s Dog (Audio) Play
17/09/2023 Hekiganroku, Case 81: Yakusan’s “Look! The Arrow!” (Audio) Play
19/08/2023 Shôyôroku, Case 93: Shiso Does Not Understand (Audio) Play
21/05/2023 Mumonkan, Case 13: Tokusan Carries His Bowl (Audio) Play
22/04/2023 Shôyôroku, Case 56: Misshi and the White Rabbit (Audio) Play
19/03/2023 Mumonkan, Case 27: This Isn’t a Thing (Audio) Play
19/02/2023 Shôyôroku, Case 54: Ungan and the “Great Mercy” (Audio) Play
15/01/2023 Mumonkan, Case 48: Kempô’s One Way (Audio) Play
22/10/2022 Hekiganroku, Case 43: Tôzan’s “Cold and Heat” (Audio) Play
20/10/2022 Hekiganroku, Case 4: Tokusan Carrying His Bundle (Audio) Play
18/10/2022 Hekiganroku, Case 6: Unmon’s “Good Day” (Audio) Play
17/10/2022 Mumonkan, Case 1: Jôshû’s Dog (Audio) Play
18/09/2022 Hekiganroku, Case 9: Jôshû’s Four Gates (Audio) Play
21/08/2022 Shôyôroku, Case 15: Kyôsan thrusts his hoe in the ground (Audio) Play
20/03/2022 Hekiganroku, Case 56: Kinsan’s “Single Arrow” (Audio) Play
23/01/2022 Shôyôroku, Case 5: Seigen’s “Price of Rice” (Audio) Play
21/11/2021 Shôyôroku, Case 66: Kyûhô’s “Head and Tail” (Audio) Play
23/10/2021 Mumonkan, Case 47: Tosotsu’s Three Barriers (Audio) Play
21/10/2021 Denkôroku, Chapter 34: Kôsai Daishi – Part 2/2 (Audio) Play
19/10/2021 Denkôroku, Chapter 34: Kôsai Daishi – Part 1/2 (Audio) Play
18/10/2021 Mumonkan, Case 1: Jôshû’s Dog (Audio) Play
15/08/2021 Mumonkan, Case 23: Think Neither Good Nor Evil (Audio Only) Play
16/05/2021 Mumonkan, Case 46: Stepping Forward on Top of a Pole (Audio Only) Play
10/04/2021 Mumonkan, Case 19: Ordinary Mind is the Way (Audio Only) Play
09/04/2021 Mumonkan, Case 1: Jôshû’s Dog (Audio Only) Play
21/02/2021 Mumonkan, Case 16: The Sound of the Bell and the Seven-Panel Robe Play
19/10/2020 Mumonkan, Case 1: Jôshû’s Dog (Audio Only) Play
20/09/2020 Mumonkan, Case 36: Meeting a Man Who Has Accomplished the Way (Audio Only) Play
21/06/2020 Mumonkan, Case 1: Jôshû’s Dog Play

Dharma talks by Arno Hess

01/10/2022 Pointing to the essence of Buddhism: the purpose and function of koans in Zen (Audio) Play