Shôyôroku, Case 56: Misshi and the White Rabbit

Teisho presented by Arno Hess on 22/04/2023 at the second day of the 2023 Pathway Zen Mini Sesshin at Bodhi Chan Meditation Centre, Springwood, QLD, Australia.


“Even if I sank forever in hell, I would not look for the Liberation of the saints.”
Daibadatta enjoyed the bliss of the Three-Dhyana-Heaven amid uninterrupted
Uzuranbotsu fell from the zenith of the highest heaven down into the body of a flying raccoon.
Just tell me, where is the gain or loss?


When Uncle Misshi and Tôzan were walking together, they saw a white rabbit run
by in front of them. Misshi said, “How swift!” Tôzan said, “In what way?” Misshi said, “It is
just like a person in white clothes being venerated as a prime minister.” Tôzan said, “You
are such an elderly and respectable man, and still you say something like that?” Misshi said,
“Then how about you?” Tôzan said, “A noble of an ancient house is temporarily fallen into


Comparing the strength with snow and frost;
Walking as high as the heavenly clouds.
Kakei left his country;
Shôjo passed the bridge.
Shôga and Sôzan’s strategy established the Han Dynasty;
The body and mind of Sôfu and Kyoyû wanted to evade (the invitation of) Emperor Gyô.
People are disturbed by favor and disgrace: find deep trust in yourself.
The traces of the true heart get mixed with those of fishermen and woodcutters.

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