Shôyôroku, Case 5: Seigen’s “Price of Rice”

Teisho presented by Arno Hess on 23/01/2022 at the Pathway Zen Zenkai at Spring Hill, QLD, Australia.


Shadai cut off his flesh to feed his parents,
But he could not be enrolled in the (traditional) list of filial children.
Devadatta pushed a mountain to crush the Buddha,
Yet did he ever fear the peals of abrupt thunder?
Pass through the jungle of thorns, chop down the forest of sandalwood,
and wait till the year comes to an end;
As of old, early spring is still chilly.
Where is the Dharma body of the Buddha at all?


A monk asked Seigen, “What is the essence of Buddha’s Dharma?” Seigen said, “What
is the price of rice in Roryô?”


The reign of great peace knows no form:
The atmosphere of the rugged old man is superbly pristine,
There are nothing but singing and drinking of the village festival;
How could they be aware of the virtues of Shun and the good will of Gyô?

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