Becoming a student

After you have completed the Zen lectures and established a regular meditation practice, you may decide to become a Zen student with Pathway Zen.

Students can access weekly one-on-one guidance (dokusan) with Pathway Zen’s teacher, Arno Hess. Most students also take up the the option to incorporate koan introspection as part of their practice. Students should be prepared to attend a regular weekly practice group and make every effort to attend sesshins or retreats.

There is no separate fee involved in becoming a student with Pathway Zen. The only suggested cost contribution is the Pathway Zen membership fee and the individual venue expense contribution when attending weekly groups or retreats. All fees, with the exception of residential retreats, are suggested fee contributions, as costs should not be a determinate factor to practice. Those who cannot afford to pay the suggested amount should simply pay as they can afford. A sincere commitment to practice is the main requirement. 

Weekly dokusan with Arno is offered in Spring Hill or online through Zoom. Please discuss your access options with Arno. Non-students can also access dokusan and request a private interview during our regular evenings in Spring Hill or through Zoom on request. 

You do not need to be a Buddhist or be affiliated to any religion to become a Zen student with Pathway Zen. The process of becoming a student is very simple. You simply ask the teacher during dokusan of your intention to become a student and state your aspiration as a student.