Becoming a student

After you have completed the Zen lectures and established a regular meditation practice, you may decide to become a Zen student with Pathway Zen.

Students can access regular one-on-one guidance (dokusan) with our teacher and the option to take up full Koan practice. If possible, students should also attend a weekly practice group and make every effort attend our Sesshins or retreats.

There is no separate fee involved in becoming a Zen student with Pathway Zen, the only cost contribution being the Pathway Zen membership fee and the sharing of venue and retreat expenses. A sincere commitment to practice is the main requirement.

Dokusan with Arno can be given on a weekly basis or as requested. For out-of-town students or those that are not able to participate in the regular Brisbane or Samford based Zen meditation groups, Skype dokusan can also be arranged.

The process of becoming a student is very simple. You simply ask the teacher during dokusan and state your aspiration of your practice.