Sesshin 2024

Residential meditation retreat: Please read our blog for a description and purpose of a Sesshin.

May 2024:   7-day residential Sesshin, 19-26th

November 2024: 3-day residential Sesshin, 21-24th 

Address for Sesshins:

Bodhi Chan Meditation Centre, 223 Dennis Road, Springwood Qld 4127


Schedule ~ first day of arrival

4.00 pm     arrival and set-up

6.00 pm     Evening meal

7.00 pm     Enter Zendo orientation and zazen

8.25 pm     Closing recitations

Daily schedule 

05.00 am    Drum/ Bell/ Wake-Up

05.25 am    Enter Zendo

05.30am     Zazen

05.55 am    Kinhin

06.00 am    Zazen with dokusan

06.25 am    Kinhin

06.30 am    Zazen

06.55 am    Kinhin

07.00 am    Zazen with dokusan

07.25 am    Kinhin

07.30 am    Breakfast

08.00 am    Samu (work period)

08.30 am    Samu ends

08.55 am    Enter Zendo

09.00 am    Zazen

09.25 am    Kinhin and set up for Teisho

09.30 am    Teisho

10.30 am    Zazen (optional outside extended Kinhin instead of sitting)

11.00 am     Zazen

11.25 am     Kinhin

11.30 am     Zazen

11.55 am     Kinhin

12.00 pm    Lunch / Break / showers / optional sitting

01.55 pm    Enter Zendo

02.00 pm    Zazen

02.25 pm    Kinhin

02.30 pm    Zazen

02.55 pm    Kinhin

03.00 pm    Zazen with dokusan

03.25 pm    Kinhin (20 minute extended kinhin or stretching, dokusan continues)

03.45 pm    Zazen with dokusan

04.10 pm    Kinhin

04.15 pm    Zazen

04.40 pm    Afternoon recitations

05.00 pm    Evening meal followed by evening break

06.25 pm    Enter Zendo

06.30 pm    Zazen

06.55 pm    Kinhin

07.00 pm    Zazen with dokusan

07.25 pm    Kinhin

07.30 pm    Zazen with dokusan

07.55 pm    Kinhin

08.00 pm    Zazen (optional outside extended kinhin)

08.25 pm    Closing recitations

Schedule ~ Last day (3-day and 7-day sesshin)

05.25 am    Drum/ Bell/ Wake-Up

05.55 am    Enter Zendo

06.00 am    Zazen

06.25 am    Kinhin

06.30 am    Zazen with dokusan

06.55 am    Kinhin

07.00 am    Zazen with dokusan

07.25 am    Kinhin

07.30 am    Zazen

07.55 am    Kinhin

08.00 am    Zazen

08.25 am    Kinhin, closing remarks

09.00 am   Breakfast

10.00 am   Pack up and Final clean

11.00 am    Travel home

Additional Information

Please RSVP by filling in the form below.

Fees for 7-day sesshin: 

There are a number of available accommodation types. Cost for Sesshin will depend upon the accommodation chosen. Fees include 3 vegetarian meals per day. 

Cabins:  (single room accommodation with ensuite) – $630,00
Single room inside or outside donga: with shared bathrooms – $ 525,00
Tent site: $420,00 

Note: Payment is required to guarantee a reservation. 

Sesshin Registration

  • Sesshin Registration form
  • Payment Method:

    Full payment is required prior to the event. Note that we are bound by the refund policy of the venue and refunds may not be possible if cancelled close to the event date. Please deposit funds directly to our bank account as follows:
    Account Name: Pathway Zen
    BSB: 633000
    Account Number: 159764034
    Reference : Your name followed by name of event.


    Events may be cancelled at any time, in which case a refund will be given


    For concession, please contact our treasurer through our e-mail address.