Introduction to Zen Buddhism Lectures: Arno Hess

Lecture 1 Posture, Methods, Buddhist versus secular context. Play
Lecture 2 The three aims of Zen. Play
Lecture 3 The three training methods of Zen. Play
Lecture 4 Setting up a daily routine, rituals, hindrances & antidotes to meditation. Play
Lecture 5 Koan introspection, working with a Zen teacher. Play

Teishos: Arno Hess

16/05/2021 Mumonkan, Case 46: Stepping Forward on Top of a Pole (Audio Only) Play
10/04/2021 Mumonkan, Case 19: Ordinary Mind is the Way Play
09/04/2021 Mumonkan, Case 1: Jôshû’s Dog (Audio Only) Play
21/02/2021 Mumonkan, Case 16: The Sound of the Bell and the Seven-Panel Robe Play
19/10/2020 Mumonkan, Case 1: Jôshû’s Dog (Audio Only) Play
20/09/2020 Mumonkan, Case 36: Meeting a Man Who Has Accomplished the Way (Audio Only) Play
21/06/2020 Mumonkan, Case 1: Jôshû’s Dog Play