Happy New Year

This is the time we wish each other a Happy New Year. Fortunately, like tomorrow, it never comes and few of us realise the implications the concept of time and its categorisation has on our wellbeing.  Since there is no past, no present (we can’t stop time even for a nanosecond) and of course no future, time is a […]

Zen and the threefold training principles of the Eightfold Path

The relationship between the Zen process of awakening, as taught and practiced in the Sanbō-Zen lineage, and the threefold training principles of the Eightfold Path: a review of contemporary practices and teaching materials. A master thesis presented by Arno Hess to the Faculty of Applied Buddhist Studies at the Nan Tien Institute in Wollongong NSW […]

Reflections on Sesshin practice.

Sesshin, (literally “touching the heart-mind”) is an intensive Zen retreat that is structured to guide us in the pursuit of finding our true-self, which is another expression for liberation or breaking through the barrier of dualism. To this end, a sesshin consolidates all Zen-practices for this purpose and provides the support structure that is required for […]