Introduction to  Zen lectures – Online

Next dates for online program:

Wednesday evenings starting 15th April to 13th of May and 27th of May to 24th of June

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm followed by 1 x 25 minutes of meditation until 8.30pm. Times may vary depending on number of participants.

Venue: Online. Please register to receive a link for joining our virtual Zendo.


Content of course

This program is designed for newcomers wishing to learn more about Zen practice. 

The program consists of a series of lectures and practical applications that address the basic and foundational aspects of Zen. The lectures are usually conducted over a period of between 4 to 6 evenings depending on participants and can also be incorporated during several Zenkais (day retreats). The introduction to Zen lectures have been adapted from the original teachings of Dai’un Harada Rôshi of Sanbozen. 

Besides the foundational aspects of Zen, the Zen lectures also address the practical aspects of Zen and how the practice aligns with our daily activities.


The lectures are taught by Arno Hess, an authorised Brisbane based Zen Buddhist teacher.

Structure of Zen lectures:

Lecture 1

Welcome, introductions, inductions.

Short survey of Zen history from India to China to Japan and Australia.

What is Zen? 

Introduction to sitting and walking meditation; postures, practices and rituals.

Establishing a personal practice routine.


Practice session.

Lecture 2

The three aims of Zen.

Understanding the different objectives between the Zen, Buddhist as well as the many therapeutic based meditation practices from a psychological and transpersonal context. 


Practice session.

Lecture 3

The three practice methods of Zen and their applications. 

Questions and Answers.

Practice period.

Lecture 4

Practical aspects of meditation practice and how to deal with distractions.

What are koans? method and practice.


Practice period

Lecture 5 (combined with lecture 6 for online program)

The role of the teacher and the teacher student relationship.

Dokusan (one-on-one student-teacher interview) and its role in practice


Practice period

Lecture 6

The degrees of a practitioner’s aspirations.

The three pillars or essentials of Zen.

Where to from here, how does Pathway Zen function for its members, short overview.


Practice period.

Additional Information

Arrival:                    Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the event.

RSVP:                      Please RSVP by filling in the details on the form below.

Fees:                        $60.00 suggested donation for the series of lectures or as one can afford.

Please wear modest loose fitting clothing, neutral or dark in colour if possible. Chairs, meditation stools, meditation cushions and mats will be provided.


Anyone missing an evening is able to obtain the missing lectures as a one-on-one teaching on another day or receive a copy of a recorded session. 

In regards to the Theosophical Society venue, there is plenty of free parking on Lilley Street as well as in a car park behind the Theosophical Society’s building. Car park entry is also via Lilley Street. The nearest train station is Roma Street and Central. An approximate 15-20 minutes uphill walk from the station. Please arrive 5 minutes early for a punctual 7pm start.