Introduction to  Zen lectures

Dates for Spring Hill

Most Thursday evenings:

7pm to 7.30 pm followed by 2 x 25 minutes of meditation until 8.30pm

Venue Spring Hill

Theosophical Society Building

1st floor meditation room

355 Wickham Terrace

Spring Hill QLD 4500


Dates for Samford

Most Tuesday evenings and during the Zenkai one-day meditation retreat.

7pm to 7.30 pm followed by 2x 25 minutes of meditation until 8.30pm

Venue Samford

Old Catholic Church Hall

Corner Samford and Camp Mountain Rd,

Samford Village Qld 4520

Introduction to Zen description:

This program is designed for newcomers wishing to learn more about Zen practice. Refreshers are always welcome to attend.

The program consists of a series of lectures and practical applications that address the basic and foundational aspects of Zen. It is usually conducted over a series of 4 evenings and can also be incorporated during several Zenkais. (day retreats) The introduction to Zen lectures have been adapted from the teachings of Dai’un Harada Rôshi. They have been used over many years and many Zendos all over the world. The lectures have been developed by Yasutani Rôshi and Yamada Rôshi for general use by Sanbo-Zen accredited teachers and groups.

Besides the foundational aspects of Zen, the Zen lectures also address the practical aspects of Zen and how the practice links to everyday activities.

Structure of Zen lectures:

Lecture 1

Welcome, introductions, inductions.

Short survey of Zen history from India to China to Japan and Australia

What is Zen?

Introduction to meditation; postures and practices.

Establishing a personal practice routine.

Practice session.

Questions and Answers.

Tea (optional)

Lecture 2

Zendo rituals and etiquette. Why and How?

Kinhin (Walking meditation and mindfulness practice)

The three aims of Zen.

Questions and Answers

Practice session.

Tea (optional)

Lecture 3

The five categories of Zen.

Koan practice, what is it and how is it practiced

Dokusan, the one-on-one teachings in Zen

Questions and Answers.

Practice period.

Tea (optional)

Lecture 4

The degrees of practitioner’s aspirations.

The three pillars or essentials of Zen.

Where to from here, how does Pathway Zen function for its participants, short overview.

Practice period.

Tea (optional)

Additional Information

Arrival:                    Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the event.

RSVP:                      Please RSVP by filling in the form below, though Meet-up or by sending us an e-mail

Fees:                        $10.00 suggested donation per evening or as one can afford.

Please wear modest loose fitting clothing, neutral or dark in colour if possible. Chairs, meditation stools, meditation cushions and mats will be provided.


Anyone missing an evening is able to obtain the missing lectures as a one-on-one teaching on another day.